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The only service in the country that allows you to make online reservations for restaurants. The process takes seconds and the reservation is approved immediately with no need to call the restaurant.

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Restaurant nameAddressRestaurant TypeOrder
1, Ma'ayan St.
Events, Restaurant-Bar, Meat, Fish, Sea-Food, Breakfast, Coffee Shop, Bar, IsraeliOrder Now
Alter Nativ
Tel Aviv
10, Dovnov St.
Events, Fish, Breakfast, Coffee Shop, Dairy, Vegetarian / Vegan, KosherOrder Now
Archibald C. Harte
26, Kind David St.
Events, European, Breakfast, Coffee ShopOrder Now
BC Bagel
Emek Refaim 46
Coffee Shop, Dairy, Catering, KosherOrder Now
Café Roma
Petah Tikva
16, Moshe Dayan St.
Italian, Events, Breakfast, Coffee Shop, Dairy, Deliveries, KosherOrder Now
Café Yafo
Tel Aviv
oley zion 11 flea market
Italian, Restaurant-Bar, Fish, Breakfast, Coffee Shop, Ice Cream, Dairy, Pizza, KosherOrder Now
Tel Aviv
3a, Florentin St.
Restaurant-Bar, Coffee Shop, Home Cooked, Neighborhood bar, Mediterranean, Chicken, Coffee Gallery, TavshilimOrder Now
Tel Aviv
11, Oppenheimer St.
Restaurant-Bar, Health Food, Breakfast, Bistro, Coffee ShopOrder Now
Natzrat Eilit
Events, Restaurant-Bar, Breakfast, Coffee Shop, Chef, Deliveries, Karaoke BarOrder Now
Rosh Pina
Hagalil Center
Restaurant-Bar, Meat, Breakfast, Coffee Shop, Cheeses, IsraeliOrder Now
1, Hamada St., Hamada Park
Restaurant-Bar, Coffee Shop, BarOrder Now
K Bar Cafe Ramat Hagolan
Wast Junc.
Waset tourism center
Restaurant-Bar, Breakfast, Coffee Shop, Dairy, Salads, PastasOrder Now
kooka - resturant, cafe, flowers
Rishon Lezion
Events, Fish, Coffee Shop, Dairy, KosherOrder Now
Kiryat Gat
1, Leshem St.
Events, Restaurant-Bar, Coffee Shop, KosherOrder Now
Tel Aviv
42, Montefiore St.
Fish, Breakfast, Coffee Shop, Dairy, Salads, Pastas, KosherOrder Now
Bnei Brak
lechi 2
Events, Restaurant-Bar, Breakfast, Bistro, Coffee Shop, Dairy, KosherOrder Now
Tel Aviv
53, Derech Ha'shalom
Restaurant-Bar, Breakfast, Coffee ShopOrder Now
Rishon Lezion
12, Moshe Beker St.
Italian, Events, Restaurant-Bar, Coffee Shop, Israeli, Mexican, DeliveriesOrder Now
Petah Tikva
eimber 14, kiriat arie
Events, Coffee Shop, DairyOrder Now
Tazza D'oro
Tel Aviv
6, Echad Haam St.
Italian, Events, Health Food, Breakfast, Coffee ShopOrder Now
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