Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I make a reservation through ClickATable and not just call the restaurant?
Because it's simple and fast. You don’t have to wait on the phone while the hostess finds time to talk to you.
Because you can update the reservation as much as you want and even cancel it without ptoblems.
Because you are already online, so why make the call?

Should I call the restaurant and make sure that they have received the reservation?
No. once you have made the reservation, it is immediately and automatically confirmed by the restaurant's computer.
All you have to do is arrive at the restaurant for a meal.

How is the reservation made at the restaurant?
The system transfers your request to the restaurant's computerized reservation log in order to check whether there are available seats.
If available seats are found, the system will let you know.
Clicking the "reserve seat" button makes the reservation and reserves a seat for you at the restaurant.

Is the service free of charge?
Yes. It is completely free.

How do I cancel a reservation? What happens if I don’t show up?
If you have made a reservation through the system but you are unable to arrive, you must cancel the reservation as soon as possible, since the restaurant reserves seats for you that may be used by someone else.
The reservation can be cancelled through the webpage "My reservations" or by telephoning the restaurant.
If you did not arrive at the restaurant for your reservation or neither cancelled it, your reservation will be marked as "No show".
A ClickATable member whom did not show up for two of his uncancelled reservations – his account will be blocked.
If you feel that your account has been blocked by mistake, please contact us, and we will look into the matter.

Why should I create a system account?
Because there are times that the reservation needs to be updated or cancelled, and this is possible only by entering your personal account.
Because the restaurant needs to know your details for each reservation. When you have an account – the details are already listed.

Are the personal details I gave to ClickATable transferred to any third party?
Your privacy is important to us and therefore we transfer only the details necessary for the restaurant to accept your reservation. The rest of the details remain with us and are not transferred to any other third party.
ClickATable will use the details you have provided only to inform you about the status of your reservations in the system.

How can I see, update and cancel my reservations?
Through the webpage "My reservations" you may see all your reservations and update or cancel them at the click of a button.

Why doesn’t the system let me make more than two reservations?
The CLickATable system limits new users, who have not yet realized any reservation, and enables them to make only two reservations. After arriving at the restaurant and realizing your first reservation, the system will recognize you as a reliable user and will enable you to make additional reservations.