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The only service in the country that allows you to make online reservations for restaurants. The process takes seconds and the reservation is approved immediately with no need to call the restaurant.

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Restaurant nameAddressRestaurant TypeOrder
Kimel Bagilboa
Nof Hagilboa
Events, Gourmet, Mediterranean, Country, FrenchOrder Now
Ma'a lot TarShicha
Agam Monfort
Events, Meat, Fish, Bistro, Gourmet, Chef, Vegetarian, FrenchOrder Now
Shalev Bayaar
Kiryat Tivon
Shikun ella 2
Events, Meat, Gourmet, FrenchOrder Now
Washington 4
Events, Restaurant-Bar, Meat, Gourmet, Chef, French, KosherOrder Now
Tel Aviv
12, Koyfman St.
Italian, Events, Meat, Gourmet, Mediterranean, Israeli, Chef, French, KosherOrder Now
Chez Romy
Tel Aviv
10, Herzl St.
Events, Bistro, Gourmet, Chef, FrenchOrder Now
5, Shimon Ben Shetach St.
Meat, Fish, Gourmet, Chef, French, KosherOrder Now
Erez Stern
Tel Aviv
9, Talmud Yerushalmi St.
Events, Meat, Gourmet, Mediterranean, French, Hosting ChefOrder Now
Baba Yaga
Tel Aviv
Hayarkon 12
Events, Meat, Fish, Sea-Food, French, RussianOrder Now
Bistro mekomi
nesiei israel 11
Bistro, FrenchOrder Now
Ramat Gan
st.Ahaliav 5
Events, Meat, Fish, Bistro, Chef, French, KosherOrder Now
Tel Aviv
Ibn Gabirol 70 , Tel Aviv
Bistro, Coffee Shop, FrenchOrder Now
Dan Hills - jerusalem
yoel salomon 19
Italian, Events, Fish, Coffee Shop, Dairy, French, KosherOrder Now
Derech Hayain
Zichron Yakov
26, Hanadiv St.
Events, Meat, Fish, Grilled, FrenchOrder Now
Hotel Montefiore
Tel Aviv
36 Montefiore St
Breakfast, French, Vietnamese, branchOrder Now
Hanamal 24
24, Hanamal St.
Italian, Sea-Food, European, Country, FrenchOrder Now
Venya Bistro
Shaar palmer 1
Meat, Fish, Sea-Food, Mediterranean, Vegetarian, FrenchOrder Now
Tel Aviv
Mazal Dagim 1
Events, Fish, Sea-Food, FrenchOrder Now
Leyad Hayam
Tel Aviv
Hayarkon 52
Events, Meat, Mediterranean, FrenchOrder Now
Marie Antoinette
Tel Aviv
Habarzel 7 , Tel Aviv
Restaurant-Bar, Sea-Food, Gourmet, Chef, FrenchOrder Now
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