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Welcome to ClickATable
The only service in the country that allows you to make online reservations for restaurants. The process takes seconds and the reservation is approved immediately with no need to call the restaurant.

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ClickATable - New in Israel!
Now you can make online reservations for select restaurants easily and quickly, more restaurants coming soon...
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Restaurant nameAddressRestaurant TypeOrder
Avazi - Shchunat hatikva
Tel Aviv
Meat, Israeli, Steak, Grilled, SqueresOrder Now
61, Hanasi Weitzman St.
Events, Meat, Fish, Home Cooked, Grill, Mediterranean, Eastern, Grilled, Yemenite, KosherOrder Now
Birkat Ram
Majdal Shams
Breichat Ram, near Maseede
Events, Meat, Fish, Eastern, Grilled, Authentic, PastasOrder Now
Be'er Sheva
Maks Nordau 5
Meat, Fish, Eastern, Grilled, SqueresOrder Now
Taj Mahal
Dead sea
Yam Hamelah
Events, Meat, Eastern, Grilled, SaladsOrder Now
Isrotel Royal Garden Hotel
Meat, Israeli, Grilled, Squeres, KosherOrder Now
Mifgash HaSteak - Tel Aviv
Tel Aviv
37, Derech Menachem Begin St.
Events, Meat, Deliveries, Steak, Grilled, Squeres, KosherOrder Now
Rupin rd, near Grand Kenyon
Events, Meat, Fish, Grill, Mediterranean, Eastern, Grilled, TavshilimOrder Now
5, David HaMelech St.
Events, Meat, Grilled, KosherOrder Now
Steak Wood
main road
Meat, Fish, Grilled, steak HouseOrder Now
Pundak Haim Gapla
Abarbanel 2
Meat, Home Cooked, Eastern, Grilled, KosherOrder Now
Pinat HaShlosha Tel Aviv
Tel Aviv
Ben zvi 84
Events, Home Cooked, Grilled, Tavshilim, KosherOrder Now
Pam Pam
Tel Aviv
30, Ibn Gevirol
Events, Meat, Grill, Humus, Eastern, Grilled, KosherOrder Now
Kfar Manda
Kfar Minda
Events, Meat, Fish, Sea-Food, Eastern, GrilledOrder Now
Ram - Akko
1, Derech HaArba'a St.
Events, Meat, Fish, Grilled, Catering, Salads, KosherOrder Now
Ram - K.Mozkin
Kiryat Motzkin
5, Dakar St., near the public library
Events, Meat, Fish, Grilled, Catering, Salads, KosherOrder Now
Shipudey Hatikva - Ayalon
Ramat Gan
Ayalon Mall
Events, Meat, Grilled, Squeres, Salads, KosherOrder Now
Tarshish 9
Tarshish 9
Events, Israeli, Eastern, Grilled, SqueresOrder Now