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Welcome to ClickATable
The only service in the country that allows you to make online reservations for restaurants. The process takes seconds and the reservation is approved immediately with no need to call the restaurant.

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ClickATable - New in Israel!
Now you can make online reservations for select restaurants easily and quickly, more restaurants coming soon...
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Restaurant nameAddressRestaurant TypeOrder
Villa Mare
Bat Yam
in front of Ben Gurion 69, down by the sea
Events, Meat, Fish, Sea-Food, Sea sideOrder Now
75, HaNasi St.
Italian, Events, Meat, Fish, Sea-Food, European, International, DairyOrder Now
Taj Mahal
Dead sea
Yam Hamelah
Events, Meat, Eastern, Grilled, SaladsOrder Now
Herzel 1
Events, Meat, Fish, KosherOrder Now
Tiger Lilly
Tel Aviv
Habarzel 32
Events, Meat, Sea-Food, ThialandiOrder Now
Yan Yan
Yafo 26
Events, Meat, Asian, Chinese, AuthenticOrder Now
Tel Aviv
Yordei Hasira 1, Hangar 2, Tel Aviv port
Meat, Fish, Sea-Food, Breakfast, Mediterranean, ChefOrder Now
Yam 7
122, Ramot Yam St.
Events, Meat, Fish, Sea-FoodOrder Now
Isrotel Royal Garden Hotel
Meat, Israeli, Grilled, Squeres, KosherOrder Now
Knor Bakikar
8 Ma'avar Beit HaKnesset Jerusalem
Meat, Mediterranean, Fuision, KosherOrder Now
Kapara Bar and Tapas
Be'er Sheva
23 Smilansky
Events, Meat, Fish, Dairy, Tapas Bar, Chef, VegetarianOrder Now
Karma - jerusalem
ein carem , Jerusalem
Italian, Events, Meat, Breakfast, Coffee ShopOrder Now
La Vaca Loca
60, Medinat Hayehudim St.
Events, Meat, Argentinean, South AmericanOrder Now
La Pave
Moshe Has 4
Events, Meat, Gourmet, Chef, KosherOrder Now
East to Herods hotel, north shore
Events, Meat, Fish, Sea-Food, BistroOrder Now
London Resto Cafe
Tel Aviv
Herbert Samuel 111
Events, Meat, Sea-Food, Breakfast, Coffee Shop, Dairy, Sea side, Restaurant CafeOrder Now
Lehem basar Beit Shemesh
Bet Shemesh
Meat, Salads, KosherOrder Now
Lechem Basar Herzeliya
Hashunit 2
Events, Meat, Chef, KosherOrder Now
Lehem basar namal Tel-Aviv
Tel Aviv
ha-Angar 14
Events, Meat, Chef, KosherOrder Now
Little Joe
Nir Banim
moshav nir banim
Events, Restaurant-Bar, Meat, Mediterranean, PubOrder Now
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